Tammy Trujillo, Editor

The Baby Boomer News: Tammy Trujillo, Editor

I have never watched an episode of the Kardashians and in the 1990s, I worked at a radio station whose slogan was "All Rock, No cRAP!"   That has stuck with me all these years.

I created the Baby Boomer News because as our generation continues to mark more years on the calendar, many news stations just aren't covering the kind of things that we are interested in.  We had the unique luck of being born at a time in history that let us see so many things that Millenials and Gen Z'ers could only hope for.  And we saw some very difficult things as well. 

So, let's get acquainted as we continue to Boom through the Ether (Wolfman Jack reference, but you already knew that righ?).  Here's my official bio!

Tammy Trujillo is an award-winning broadcaster and podcaster here in Southern California. She is currently a news anchor at 89.3 KPCC and hosts the public affairs show Community Cares for Angels Radio AM 830 KLAA. Tammy also teaches various areas of broadcasting at the University of La Verne and at Cal State Northridge and created both colleges first ever Podcasting courses. She is the host the podcast the United States of Animals, co-starred on the internationally acclaimed podcast Talks with John and freelances as a podcast consultant for several large companies and organizations. Tammy has a BA in Communications from Cal State Fullerton and a Masters in New Media and Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University.

Something you might not guess about Tammy:  She is also a certified animal behaviorist and there is a real reason you should never sing the theme song from It's a Small World to her!

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