The Secret of Heinz '57'!


We all grew up with Heinz Ketchup.  Remember when it was referred to as Heinz 57?  Ever wonder why?  I know I did.

So here's the scoop.  There is no reason.  It was just a gimmick to attract customers!  And it is still on the bottles today.

There were not 57 Heinz varieties when H.J. Heinz first came up with the slogan WAY back in 1896.  His ketchup came out a short time later.  There aren't 57 Heinz varieties today either.  Today, there are hundreds.  

Heinz got the idea when he visited New York in 1896 and saw an ad for "21 styles" of shoes. He thought it was memorable and decided to try using it with his own brand.  

Why did he settle on the number 57?  Simple.  It was a combination of his lucky number -5- and -7- his wife's lucky number.

It's all as simple as that.

And here's something special.  The 57 on the Heinz bottle label is in just the right spot to squeeze and make your ketchup come out at .028 an hour!

Now you know!

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