If You Didn't Get One Then - You Can Get One Soon!


You may have had one way back then...and if you tried to buy a vintage VW Microbus today, you'd be spending into the six-figures.  Even the Hot Wheels version will set you back $150,000!

So THANK YOU Volkswagon for letting us finally get one at a decent price...sort of.

The new VW ID. Buzz isn't exactly like the original, but it's definitely got it's spirit - with some 2022 modernizations.  It has an electric motor mounted in back that powers it's rear wheels. And it produces a pretty awesome 201 horsepower - besting the classic Bus's two-digits of power.  

Inside, there is a really cool light bar running underneath the windshielf that changes colors to alert you to things like an obstacle in the road or an upcoming turn on your navigation system - which you can keep an eye on with a 10-inche touchscreen.  

The only bad news is that while it will go on sale in Europe later this year...we won't be able to buy it here in the US till 2024.  

Oh well, we've already waited this long - what's two more years?!?

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