How Do You Split Your Oreos?


You may be an Oreologist and not even know it!  If you've experimented with your Oreos by dunking, twisting and separating them, the you have something in common with the brainy folks over at MIT.

Yes, they actually have just completed a study on how to properly split your cookie - no matter what your preference is in where the filling goes.

They created the Oreometer to get the most accurate results possible!  Not kidding here!  It is a device designed to split the cookie with the exact amount of torque - that's a measure of the force it takes to rotate an object. 

The mission - to do the perfect twist - one where the filling stays equally on each side of the cookie. 

Bur sadly, it just could not be done!  

The study determined that even if you twist your Oreo perfectly, that highly sought-after filling will always end up mostly on just one of the wafers.

So the search continues for all of us looking for the perfect split of the iconic Oreo cookie!  Until then...just enjoy them no matter how they split!  

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